Bicycle for Life

Future plans and activities of BEAC may include:

Establishing various clubs, groups, affiliations, etc. locally within the USA;

Promoting and/or organizing races, tours, annual competitions of bicycling events;

Publishing electronically newsletters and/or journals on a regular basis to inform members and the general public regarding the recreation or sport of bicycling and the activities of the Corporation;

Raising funds for all appropriate activities of the organization;

Fostering participation in American and/or international amateur or professional bicycle sporting activities;

Education of bicyclists of all ages to become competent, safe, and lawful operators of their vehicles for sporting, recreational, and utilitarian purposes;

Educating and informing elected and appointed officials and community groups about the rights and needs of bicyclists and about the advantages of bicycling in the community;

Education of bicyclists, motorists, and other road users about each other's rights and responsibilities, traffic laws, and the need to share the road properly and safely;

Collection and dissemination of information on safe and effective bicycling, bicycle routes, traffic laws and bicycling as a means of transportation;

Working with local governments to develop facilities and programs that enhances bicycle safety and bicycle use in communities;

Promoting, supporting, and running programs on family and community bicycling, recreational and sporting bicycling and bicycle safety;

Promoting the use of bicycles for fitness, recreation, sports, and transportation;

Scheduling of group bicycle rides and tours to encourage fitness and/or provide recreation for members;

Planning social events at which bicyclists can interact and learn about many aspects of bicycling;

And the list goes on. There is a lot we can do with your help!