Bicycle for Life

Needs of Bicycle for Life

Members! You are the most important part of Bicycle for Life
and what Bicycle for Life needs the most!

One of the most important needs of this organization is members. As with any other group there are many other needs also, but without members who are interested in what is going on in a community, that community will struggle. So please help us by joining and getting involved in your local bicycling community as well as the Bicycle for Life network of cyclists and friends who are out there!

Bicycle for Life's Basic Membership is complementary, so use our online signup page now or to learn more about membership go to our join page now.

As other specifics are determined they may be listed below.

As well as members, we need:

  • Donations of usable, functional equipment (bikes, components, etc.)
  • Operating capital donations
  • We may also accept property, land, vehicles, etc. Please let us know what you have to donate.

Your donations and gifts will also greatly help Bicycle for Life reach our goals and purposes. You can find out more on our donations page.

If you have something that you think we can use, please or use our contact page to let us know more about what you have that we can use.