Bicycle for Life

Bicycle for Life
General info

"Bicycle for Life" also referred to as “BFL” is a division of "Bicycle Excursion Adventure Corporation" & refered to as "BEAC" a non profit organization* formed in the State of North Carolina in 2004. BFL shall be supervised by the BEAC Board of Directors or by those appointed or elected by the BEAC Board to supervise and manage the operations of BFL.

The general purposes of the Bicycle for Life is to promote the sport and recreation of bicycling thru active membership and participation in BFL type activities for both BFL members and communities where active BFL members bicycle. Please help us and your cycling community by joining Bicycle for Life and being an active member!

Types of activities will vary from community to community based on the amount of bicycling in the local area and the number of members in that local community. Many of the BFL organization’s plans are long term, so please be patient and help as you can as well as by being an active member in the Bicycle for Life group.

More details on BEAC future plans and activities can be found by clicking here.

If you have any interest in any of these areas or are willing to help, please join us!
*(Federal non profit status has not been applied for at this time
but may be applied for in the future.)