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Are you interested in being a part of or helping sponsor an up and coming new cycling community or an even existing one? Then you need to get involved with Bicycle for Life. There are many ways that individuals and businesses can help and be involved with this organization in a local, regional or national way. Please let us know your thoughts and get involved with a local, regional or national area of sponsorship!

Please and someone will contact you to discuss sponsorship.

Team info

There are several teams we would like to be working on for the future. Some of them can be ones specifically for the rides like the MS Tours, the Tour for a Cure rides and others such as those. Other teams can be bicycle racing related.

If you are a Bicycle for Life member and have a good idea or know of a local fund raiser for a good cause, let our staff know and we will look into it. If you are a fund raising organization, let us know and we will get back to you about your event.

Please and someone will contact you to discuss sponsorship.

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Please stop by again.

Thank you for your interest!
The Bicycle for Life Staff