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Last of 2008 Rides

  • Sunday, December 28, 2008 1pm Sloan Park 50k loop, show and go ride, weather permitting.

2009 Events

Randonneuring BLF-RUSA Events

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Taste of Carolina 1200k

TC1200 info link here

TC1200k will be just before Columbus Day weekend Thurs-Sun: Oct 10-13, 2013

More info will be posted on the calendar as it is available


  • Brevet is a French word for which we have no direct translation for its cycling usage. In general, it means a "patent", "certificate", or "diploma". For the randonneur or randonneuse, the randonnée (a long ramble in the countryside) they have entered is often called a "brevet". This is typically a challenging 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 or 1200 kilometer ride, each with a specific time limit. A randonneur carries a brevet card which is signed and stamped at each checkpoint along the way to prove they have covered the distance successfully. To pronounce the word correctly: "brevet" rhymes with "say" or "Chevrolet", not "get" or "let".

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Carolina Flèche

  • Start date April 09, 2009 where each team may start its ride between noon Thursday and 10:00 AM on Saturday, covering a minimum of 360k with each 3 to 5 member team finishing 24 hours after their assigned start time.
  • For more info use this link

Past events

Gold Hill - Landis - Gold Hill
Woodleaf MS 22.2 Warmup Ride

The Woodleaf MS ride was allowed us to have some fun and raise some money for the MS Society.

Foothills Training Series

The Foothills Training Series gave us some new roads to explore close to home and raised some money to help with some expenses for a couple junior riders in the local area!

Sloan Park Events
    • Sloan Park opens at 9 am daily and closes at sunset.

    • Saturday, Dec 30, 2006
      Our annual end of the year group ride from Sloan Park to avoid some of the town traffic.

    • End of the year Rides at Sloan Park.
      Finish off the year on a good ride with friends.
      The 50k or 100k routes (same as 2005) are both on relatively low traffic road. For the most part out on the county roads of Rowan, Iredell, and Davie.

    • 2 rides leaving from Sloan Park. The park gate opens at 9am.

    • A 50k marked loop ride started a 11am. There is only one store on the 50k loop and it may be closed. Any one who would like the cue sheet for this loop, please let me know.

    • Also a longer ride of 100K started at the same time and followed the same route which split off after reaching Iredel county and continued on towards Mocksville and returned thru Woodleaf. There are a couple stores after 30 some miles which may be open.

Please stop by again to see new events that are listed.

Thank you for your interest!