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Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When riders participate in randonneuring events, they are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.

More info will be posted as start time for each event get closer or details are finalized. Below are the proposed dates and limited info.

For Randonneurs USA purposes the club name is 'Bicycle for LIfe' and the ACP code is '933057'

The NCRandonCyclist group on Yahoo is what most of the locals use to keep in touch

Please check out the Bicycle for Life - RUSA calendar
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Taste of Carolina 1200k
Carolina Spring 1200k

TC1200 and CS1200 info link here

CS1200k when held will be in the Spring
TC1200k is held just before Columbus Day weekend Thurs-Sun in October

More info will be posted on associated web pages as it is available


  • Brevet is a French word for which we have no direct translation for its cycling usage. In general, it means a "patent", "certificate", or "diploma". For the randonneur or randonneuse, the randonnée (a long ramble in the countryside) they have entered is often called a "brevet". This is typically a challenging 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 or 1200 kilometer ride, each with a specific time limit. A randonneur carries a brevet card which is signed and stamped at each checkpoint along the way to prove they have covered the distance successfully. To pronounce the word correctly: "brevet" rhymes with "say" or "Chevrolet", not "get" or "let".

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Flèche Carolina / Dart Carolina

When Bicycle for Life host the Fleche the start dates are usually on or near Easter weekend covering a minimum of 360k for the Fleche and/or 200k for this RUSA Dart.
We will not host the event during

Please check the Randonneurs USA RUSA rides for locations and dates

Each team must be finishing in 24 hours for the Fleche or in 13.5 hours for the 200k Dart, after their assigned start time, following the Rules for the particular event.
Each team may start its ride between noon Thursday and 10:00 AM on Saturday.
The Fleche minimum distance required for the 24-hour period is 360 KM.
The Dart minimum distance required for the 13.5-hour period is 200 KM.
No rest stop may exceed two hours in any one location.
Teams may not travel the same direction on any road twice.

Pre-registration of Teams

Suggested donation
Fleche ~ $25 per rider
Dart ~ $20 per rider

For the Carolina Flèche event, it is suggested that no 2 teams start from exactly the same starting location/address, but if you must use the same starting address, then team start times of one hour apart will be assigned to the teams.
You may start within the range of the RUSA allowed start times/date.
Please consider planning your start times for Friday morning, which will allow all teams to finish closer to the same time for an after Fleche gathering of all riders.

Remember that teams may start at the finish location and do a loop or an out and back route!

Finish locations will vary from year to year

Pre-registration of Teams for the Carolina Flèche-USA or Carolina Dart is required. Riders must enter in teams with a designated captain – no individual entries for the flèche will be accepted. All team entries must be received by early March, including the team’s proposed route. All routes must be approved and confirmed with team captains early March. Any requests for last minute changes to the team or route will be approved at the discretion of the organizer. All communication will be with the team captain only.

Pre-register individual Team Members using the online form.
All team members must send via postal mail a signed release and all individual event cost/donations.
The Team captain may submit all cost/donations. Please download, print, fill out and mail the forms provided.
Entry must consist of a single Registration form for the team, plus a Release form for each individual member of the team and payment of cost/donations. The downloadable documents will be in PDF format.

More info on RUSA's website about the rules and teams

Team forms and registration

Fleche Team Pre-Registration

Dart Team Pre-Registration

Fleche or Dart Rider Individual Pre-Registration

Fleche Rider WAIVER/RELEASE form

Dart Rider WAIVER/RELEASE form

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Adding Events to RUSA Calendar

Note: There may be some RUSA sanctioned brevets scheduled for later in 2009 season, so check back or send a request for a date you would like for a brevet event to run. Remember the RUSA brevets do not get ACP credit and they must be scheduled early enough to fall within the RUSA brevet guidelines, so the route must be approved before that and have a number assigned to it.

Event Listings in RUSA Newsletter

If possible, RBAs should submit RUSA events in time for publication in the RUSA newsletter. RUSA publishes the newsletter in February, May, August, and November of each year. The deadline for submissions is the 10th of the preceding month (for example, January 10 for the February issue). Only RUSA (not ACP) events may be added for

This table summarizes the deadlines:

Event Date





January 10



April 10



July 10



October 10

Anyone that would like to make suggestions for the RUSA or ACP season please note:

Requirements for Organizing Events:

U.S. clubs, individuals or organizations seeking permission to organize BRM events must submit their brevet calendars for the following year to RUSA before October 1, more preferrably by Sep 15, . RUSA will in turn transmit them to the ACP's Representative for Foreign BRM events before the due date.

For events to be officially designated as Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux they must be on the official ACP calendar published each year in January. Consequently, it is absolutely imperative that event calendars be submitted on time. RUSA will notify those organizers requesting to schedule events, but whose events will not carried on the official calendar. Organizers are equally responsible to notify RUSA of any cancellation or change of dates.

RUSA info

For more info about RUSA (Randonneurs USA) itself go to